A Guide for Renovating Your Basement


If you are after more living space but don’t wish to move to a larger home, it’s time to start considering where you can expand. A simple and easy way to gain more space are to renovate your basement area.

Seek planning permission first

Whenever you are planning to convert or extend your home in any way, you should check with your local authority regarding planning permission. The good news is that most simple conversions don’t require any permission in the end, so long as they meet the conversion criteria; however, it is always best to check first. If you don’t, and it does turn out that your conversion is in breach of the local authority’s rules, they can force you to remove or alter the conversion. You could also be fined a significant amount of money on top of the building amendment costs. It does not work the risk of problems later on, once you have finished converting your basement, so check with your local authority what the planning permission rules are for your area first.

Plan the design layout

Make sure that you have a well drawn out a plan for the conversion. If you are unsure how to do this, then hire someone to do it for you. The plan needs to be well thought out and accurate. Take time to consider what the main purpose of the converted room will be, and factor this into the design. Picture yourself in the room and consider what you will require. Will you need a heating or cooling element factored in? How many wall sockets will you need? What kind of lighting is needed? Think about these important details carefully, for they will affect how good your new converted room will be.

Hire a reliable construction company

Take time to source a reliable construction or conversion company. There are many basement renovation companies around, many of which are not well qualified or experienced, so make sure that you check on the company’s track record before contracting them. Don’t be overly swayed by dramatic savings or promotions, as this is sometimes a tactic used to entice you when it may cost you more down the line due to poor building work. Once you have narrowed down a few great home renovations/basement renovations companies, ask them for a quotation and a time frame for the fulfillment of the work. Most good companies are happy to offer a free quotation, so select a few companies that have caught your attention and compare the quotes given. When you have selected the company to carry out the work, make sure you get the quotation in writing as well as the timeframe for the work to be completed. Then you can sit back and wait for the transformation, with hopefully not too much disruption. All going well, you will then be able to enjoy your newly extended home in a relatively short period.